ARCHI-DEPOT STOCK is the world's first online service offering storage functions in addition to viewing features for the purpose of introducing to the world the culture of architecture and the up-and-coming architects. Architectural models embody the thought process of the architects and construction offices as well as the very essence of the architectural culture. Furthermore, modern architecture has been gaining attention as bearing high quality standards in both design and technology. In spite of that, the architects are faced with an issue of not having the platform to showcase their project models and concepts. ARCHI-DEPOT STOCK's online service provides storage at a cost of ¥500/month for 1 physical unit space (100cm x 100cm x 45cm) along with an easy-setup portfolio site. Users will also have the opportunity to exhibit their projects at the ARCHI-DEPOT MUSEUM, which opened in 2016 in Tokyo's Tennozu-Isle as one of the few exhibition facilities in the world to specialize in architectural models. We will henceforth continue to extend our services to establish a platform for the architectural culture.

Storage is not only limited to architectural models as long as it is within the unit size limitation. Please inquire for details.

Price list

  • Registered Fee
    (Portfolio Site Setup Fee)
    Only required for initial registration
  • Storage Fee
    (1 Unit = 100cm×100cm×45cm)
    ¥500 /Month
    Additional units may be added if necessary.
  • Pickup Fee
    ¥960 /Project
All of the prices and fees are displayed without tax in Japanese Yen.
From February 8, 2018 to the end of May 2018, Registered Fee of ¥9,000 will be free for customers who have not registered in ARCHI-DEPOT until now.

User Guide

STEP 1Membership Registration

Your portfolio site can be set up in just 3 minutes

  • The registration fee is ¥9,000 plus tax/1 user account.
  • Credit cards are the only accepted method of payment.
  • Please use the alphabet or romanized Japanese to register your profile name.

STEP 2Project Registration

Project registration is free.

  • The project information can be entered in the language of your choice; however, the site itself will be in English.
    Please prepare the project images yourself before the registration.
  • The visibility of the registered user and project information can be set to either public or private.
  • When set on public, the online information will be visible to the public.

STEP 3Deposit Application

The registered projects may be deposited at our warehouse.

  • Please submit your deposit application online.
  • The storage fee is ¥500/month for 1 unit (100cm×100cm×45cm).

Exhibit your projects at the ARCHI-DEPOT Museum

  • You'll have the opportunity to exhibit your projects at the ARCHI-DEPOT Museum.
    We will be curating the exhibit; and therefore, not all projects will be displayed.
  • You may request to pickup your project during the exhibition.

Visibility of Your Project

When set on Public

  • The project will be visible to the general public from our website.
  • You have given your permission to allow us to display your projects, which have been deposited at our warehouse, in the ARCHI-DEPOT Museum.

When set on Private

  • The project will only be managed and viewed within your own MY PAGE.

Storage Conditions

Temperature and Humidity Control

  • We will change the temperature and humidity settings of the warehouse according to the season in order to avoid a drastic change of temperature during deposit and pickup.
  • Humidity is controlled at 50%+-5%,
  • The projects are safely stored and protected with a double security system.